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SBA Offer in Compromise

If you have recently received the 60-Day Official Notice from the SBA offering you the opportunity to petition for an administrative review of the debt, make an SBA offer in compromise or enter into a repayment agreement for an SBA loan default you may not know which way to turn. Not only has your SBA debt come back to haunt you but if you fail to respond to the 60-Day Official Notice within the stated time frame, your case will be cross-referred to the Department of Treasury’s Bureau of Fiscal Service, where the Government will add an amount up to 30% of the original SBA debt balance as “administrative fees and costs.”

An SBA offer in compromise is an out-of-court settlement option for a small business which probably needs to shut down and there is no reasonable turnaround plan that can be executed to resurrect it from its current financial quandary. Furthermore, this remedial option is best utilized when it is apparent that the small business’s pledged collateral is insufficient to pay off the outstanding SBA loan balance and the personal guarantees of the owners are at stake.

An SBA offer in compromise (OIC) is not possible without the cooperation of the responsible Borrowers and Guarantors. One of the basic elements of an SBA OIC is that the small business has ceased operations and all business assets have been liquidated. The small business owner’s assistance and help in maximizing the recovery on the business assets can help minimize the amount of deficiency balance on the SBA loan.

The amount offered for settlement must bear a reasonable relationship to the estimated value of the projected amount of recovery available through enforced collection. An SBA OIC is not available when the obligor has the financial ability to pay the deficiency in full within a reasonable time frame. An SBA OIC cannot be accepted if there is any evidence or knowledge of fraud, substantial misrepresentation, or financial dishonesty on the part of the offeror.

Each individual SBA OIC will be based on a case by case review of the Borrower’s or Guarantor’s individual financial situation and certain “litigative risks.” Factors that will be considered are:
• An assessment of the debtor’s ability to pay and potential earnings capacity
• Health and life expectancy
• Local economic conditions
• Equity in pledged or reachable assets
• Settlement arrangements with other creditors
• Applicable exemptions available to debtor under State and Federal law
• The cost, time and risk of collection litigation
If you received the SBA’s 60-Day Official Notice providing you with an opportunity to submit an SBA OIC, don’t do it alone. Hire a qualified SBA Attorney to help your through this difficult and complex process.

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